School Service Learning Programs

School Service Learning Programs

Kids Giving Back offers hands on, age appropriate, meaningful volunteering opportunities for students to truly understand the value of giving and generosity.


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Experiencing the generosity of Hills Grammar students

Another successful Cook4Good program. A wonderful team of children at The Hills Grammar School working with us again to make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you! Thank you also goes to The Sanctuary - The Hills Women's Shelter for your warm welcome and the...

Hills Grammar students bring hearts and hands to Schools4Good

Thanks to Year 11 at The Hills Grammar School for all their hard work last week!

Participating in Schools4Good enabled students to provide clothes for those in need with 500 people clothed, along with food for the homeless – providing nourishment to 270 people.

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The importance of letting others know we care about them

Nearly 300 hundred amazing The Urban Challenge team members from Pymble Ladies' College made 1,612 meals for people in need at Cook4Good last week. This incredible number meant that 1,612 people ate a healthy meal that they might not have had access to, but more...

Newtown OOSH kids make toys for pets at Maggie’s Rescue

These amazing OOSH kids at #NewtownKidsCottage, Newtown Public School spent their afternoon at After School Care generously giving up their time to make animal toys for Maggie's Rescue. The group spent over an hour lovingly creating the toys for rescue animals and...

A definition of ‘priceless’

496 meals. 107 Arndell Anglican College students with The Urban Challenge. 3 Cook4Good programs. 2 days.

All of these things can be quantified, but what can’t be put in numbers is the feeling that clients of Will2live and Jewish House get

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