Family Volunteering – Creating the Next Generation of Generosity

‘Family volunteering opens a door of opportunity that brings out a natural strength in families’ (Littlepage, Obergfell and Zanin, 2003)

Family volunteering is a great opportunity for parents, children and other family members to spend quality time together while
giving back to the community and causes they care about.

Have fun as a family – Improve family communication – Develop closer family bonds – Share Values – Make a difference

What happens when we teach our kids how to give?

• Parents/adult family members act as role models as they demonstrate helping others in need
• Kids gain an increased sense of worth and accomplishment from making a difference
• Family experiences a stronger sense of community and decrease in social isolation
• Kids develop compassion and respect for different people and conditions, and gain a new perspective on their own lives
• All family members learn new skills or using existing skills – a great opportunity for skill development in leadership, problem-solving and organisational skills

Areas of volunteering may include but are not limited to Environmental Conservation/Gardening; Disabilities – Intellectual and Physical; Working with the aged; Indigenous communities; Education e.g. refugee and immigrant communities; underprivileged communities; Animals.

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