HOW TO VOLUNTEER – nation-wide

We’d love to help you on your volunteering journey but being Sydney based we unfortunately don’t run programs throughout the country.

Following are some suggestions that you can look into, most are transferable to any area across Australia. We also recommend you start by calling your local council, and also contacting your local centre for volunteering to see if they have anything for young people.








Please email us with any great opportunities you find in your area so we can share great resources when we get enquiries similar to yours.



1. Bush regenerationin your local area is a great opportunity to work hands on, along with other community members – we encourage families to look on your local council’s website. It’s also a good idea to get on the mailing list for Junior Landcare: 

2. Kids/teens going along with their parents doing Meals on Wheels in their area.

3. Kids and parents/teens can collect tinned food for the Exodus Foundation and parents can explain to their children that this is helping people who don’t have enough to eat. This is a great hands on way for young kids to give back, and if a few families do this together the kids will love it. Parents should speak to the Exodus Foundation and see how they can arrange a drop off together with the kids:
** Please note this is a Sydney based organisation and we recommend finding a similar organisation in your local area.

4. Responsible Runners – take a look at their website, families/teens can then head off to their nearest beach to collect rubbish – a bit of a treasure hunt   They may want to start their own Responsible Runners Group for families and kids/teens. Give them a call and see if it’s something they’d like to promote.

5. Contact your local aged care home to see if you’d be able to come in to visit their residents – under 18s may have to be accompanied by an adult/parent.

6. Volunteering at charity runs/races/sports events – another great activity for kids/teens and parents to do together. There are a few websites that list upcoming charity runs – take a look at their volunteer needs and enquire what the minimum age is for a young person to accompany a volunteering adult. Lots of fun for all ages. Head to the following site:
Enter ‘Athletic Event’ in the Category pull down menu on the right side of the page, as well as State to find charity runs in your area.



Kids Giving Back is a Sydney based social enterprise and not for profit charity which provides age appropriate, easily accessible, meaningful volunteering opportunities for children, families, schools, community groups and corporations locally (Greater Sydney), as well as internationally through our partner program in Thailand. We are committed to providing volunteering opportunities for young people to give back, grow community, and develop a strong sense of self.

In the past three years Kids Giving Back has provided the skills, experience and space to make magic happen, creating volunteering opportunities for over 6,500 students and family members and making and delivering over 17,500 meals to the homeless and individuals in need.

Kids Giving Back is a movement 
• Making it easy for kids to do good
• Creating the Next Generation of Generosity
• Inspiring Community Engagement for young people


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If you’re from a charity and would like to promote a way for children and families to volunteer, please contact us at with details.