Climate Change is inspiring young people to take action

and last week’s Climate Change Student Action Day is just one example of this. We support young people in a range of ways to make them feel empowered and give them a voice! In having supportive conversations with young people why not look together at the UN...

The 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards NSW & ACT are now open

Do you have someone to nominate? The awards acknowledge, encourage and promote the positive achievements of all young people in NSW & the ACT up to and including 29 years of age. No achievement is too small (or big!) and ALL young people should be applauded for...
It was “lights, camera, action”

It was “lights, camera, action”

on Saturday as we filmed a segment for Channel 7’s Sydney Weekender program. Due to hit the airwaves in early 2020 we are looking forward to spreading the word about our mission to create the next Generation of Generosity!
The impact 100 Kambala students can make

The impact 100 Kambala students can make

100 girls

2.5 days

20 charities

1800 opportunities to make an impact!
This week Kambala Girls School impact included…
400 meals prepared and served

300 care packs prepared

1150 items made or sorted

Thank you to the wonderful young women from Year 9 at Kambala who