When mum, Kim, participated in Cook4Good:Good Deeds Day together with her 12 year old son and his friend, there was more than one revelation. Kim shares the experience:

“On Sunday the 10th of April, officially International Good Deeds Day, my 12 year old son, a friend of his and myself joined a group of volunteers and the Kids Giving Back team to prepare lunch for several charities and individuals in need of care and assistance. This was our first family volunteer day and our first impression was how lovely to see such a varied group of people, including children as young as 8 years old, ready to give up a Sunday morning to prepare food for others less fortunate than ourselves.

Ruth, Carole and Nadine of Kids Giving Back together with the stellar Our Big Kitchen team are about as supremely efficient as any military task force! Armed with all necessary food prep paraphernalia, us troops set about chopping, peeling, moulding, rolling, stirring and shaping a delicious meal of roasted vegetables and pasta bolognaise for our recipients. My son, who has yet to boil an egg (he has only just mastered the art of making a cup of tea) showed me newfound talents as he sliced and diced his quota of butternut, potato, carrot and beetroot. Considering the moans I get about said cup of tea, it was encouraging to see the grin on his face as he and his friend found their way around the vegetables and then rolled out dough and shaped it into very passable knotted rolls for baking.

After a remarkably speedy couple of hours the food was prepped, cooked and expertly packaged by us, the volunteers, ready for delivery. This is an integral part of the process as it’s an enlightening experience to see the people for whom one is preparing a meal. We were to deliver to two ladies in a retirement village. My son and his friend delivered to the first lady and then we spent some time searching for our second recipient. It was a little sad to discover she was not available as she had been taken to hospital. So after chatting to Ruth we returned to our first lady and gave her another meal. She was so delighted and exclaimed how she planned to invite her friends over for dinner that night. We left and my son said, “That just breaks my heart.” We had made someone’s day by the smallest gesture of delivering a healthy meal.

We cannot wait to do this again. How lucky we were to experience something that was so much fun and so particularly rewarding. Thank you so much Kids Giving Back.”

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