8 enthusiastic families did something different this summer — they made and served lunches for clients at the Asylum Seekers Centre. Rowan and Freya together with mum, Inge, volunteered along with friends Rex, Odessa, Ned and Arley and their mum Kirsty.

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Hi Ruth and Carole,

We had had a lovely time at the ASC. Was a very humbling experience. Here are some photos I took which I’m happy for you to share.

Some comments:

Rex (11yrs): “It was a nice thing to do because we were helping people that don’t have anything.”
Odessa (10yrs): “It was a nice experience to do something nice for someone”
Ned (7yrs): “I liked doing it because it helped other people that don’t have much food”
Arley (6yrs): “It’s good that the people are getting fed because they might live in a bad place”.

Thanks again for the experience. We’ll definitely do some more volunteer work throughout the year.

Regards, Kirsty


Inge sent us along some feedback from her children:
Rowan (11) “I enjoyed helping the refugees because it is important to give to those who are less fortunate.”
Freya (7)  “It was fun helping the refugees and meeting some new people from different countries. I liked serving at lunch time and drawing with the refugee children.”

In case you missed our January 19 Facebook post, take a look now https://tinyurl.com/asclunches-Jan2015
It offers reflections by Finn (12) and Lily (10) who together with mum, Christina generously made and served lunches to ASC clients. They were joined in their stellar efforts by Adam (11), Nathan (10) and mum Karen.

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