Why we started Kids Giving Back

Carole Schlessinger and Ruth Tofler-Riesel are co-directors of KIDS GIVING BACK. We both have young children and believe that one is never too young to help others. Volunteering with our own children, both locally as well as internationally, came out of a desire to enable our children to give to others not as privileged as themselves. We wanted to instill in them experiences which would teach them compassion from a young age.

We started Kids Giving Back because we want to create the next “Generation of Generosity”, to make giving back to community part of a child’s DNA. We want to create opportunities for kids and their families to embrace real life experiences, away from the virtual world that kids live in today, and to spend quality time, either with friends or as a family, giving back. Our approach embraces kids walking hand in hand with other communities, each inspiring and empowering one another. It doesn’t take long to understand  that when our children are deeply involved with giving to others, they inevitably gain as much as they give.

Our philosophy

We strongly believe that when young people volunteer they develop respect, resilience, and leadership skills, as well as the ability and opportunity to positively engage in the wider community. Our philosophy embraces volunteering as a two-way street, giving children and their families an opportunity to change lives, including their own.

Our goal

To develop long term, ongoing relationships with community groups/ organisations in which we place school age kids, and to ensure that each organisation truly benefits from these young, enthusiastic volunteers.

Our mission:

To instil in young people and their family unit the beauty of giving to others, not just of material things but of time through real life experiences. We believe that when kids (together with their families and school peers) volunteer, we are developing our next generation of leaders and creating a culture of generosity and civic responsibility.

What drives us

Creating the Next Generation of Generosity; Connecting People, Bridging Communities Please join us, as together we Create the next Generation of Generosity.

“Volunteering is a great way for kids to dig deep into their own inner resources.
The lessons they learn through hands on experiences are ones they carry with them throughout life.”