Kambala Year 9 girls spent an enriching 2 terms volunteering at Uniting Care’s Edina and Illowra aged care facilities through our ICAP – Intergenerational Community Action Program. Their time with the residents was spent chatting, playing games, sharing stories and getting to know each other during weekly community service visits coordinated by Kids Giving Back. As a farewell gift the girls presented bed-bound residents with a mobile sensory garden as well as an uplifting musical performance.


IMG_4041Darya, Year 9, writes: “I hope to learn about the true nature of care and love in my life. I truly wish to strengthen my bond with my family even further after witnessing some people who did not have a family anymore and create a very special bond with my family. Kambala places such importance on this aspect of our learning as it is important not only to be taught how to calculate sums and write essays, but to be a human being, to connect with others and to bring light into others’ lives.”