We love your work! I got emotional through the day and it was truly a wonderful day. There are so many of us who say we’d love to have more opportunities to volunteer with the kids. Kids Giving Back is one of the few options and such a wonderful experience! The more people who do it the better. We brought friends today and they were very grateful“, says Beth who attended our Community Cook4Good with her daughters Gemma,10 and Holly, 8 on Sunday.

These words really highlight the triple impact of our programs:
1. The generous kids who take part benefit by feeling connected to their community and understand they can make a positive difference in the world
2. The clients of our charity partners who received the 225 main meals and 235 soups that our wonderful volunteers made: Vinnies Australia, #CentreonAgeing, Tierney House, Vincentian House, Taldumande Youth Services, Mission Australia, The Salvation Army Australia The Benevolent Society, #HYAP and Clown Doctors
3. Society as a whole


Thanks to all these schools who were represented by the 55 participants during their school holidays: International Grammar School, Moriah College, Lycée Condorcet Sydney – International French School, Cammeray Public School, , Newington College, #rosebayPS, St Luke’s Grammar School, St Scholastica’s College Glebe, #annandalenorthPS, #castlecovePS #MosmanPrep