A World Cup theme day lead the spirit of our second cross cultural CONNECT4GOOD Session with the HARDA Community, with kids coming together at the Auburn Youth Centre to share their love of football, learn the ancient art of kite making and join together for a feast of family favourites.

Quickly renewing friendships made last month, the children formed teams to discover more about the World Cup Game together. They were given great insights and expert tips from Mohammed Omar, coach to many kids from the Auburn area where soccer is king. Putting into practice what they’d learnt, there was so much wonderful teamwork on display along with fun and friendly competition – you could see why they call soccer the beautiful game!

Halfway through the afternoon everyone came together for a magnificent lunch lovingly prepared by the children and their families, each bringing along a favourite dish representing their background. There’s no better way to bring people together than food, and what an amazing feast we had. The delicious spread included BBQ Chicken with Garlic Sauce, Tuna Pasta, Spaghetti Bolognese, Cornish Pasties, Israeli and Chinese Salads and for desert – Pavlova, Lamingtons and African Drop Donuts! Recipes were shared, and kids were keen to try everyone else’s favourites as well as eagerly explaining why the dish they’d brought was so special in their family.

For a change of pace the kids also made a special present for each other. After learning the fascinating history of kite-making from Magic Carpet’s Aween Karim, the children got into pairs to discuss their favourite colours and patterns. Each then proceeded to design and make a beautiful kite especially for their partner, which they knew they would love. What a lovely memento to take home and keep!

The kids and their families had a fascinating afternoon getting to know so much more about each other through all the fun activities, and now they can’t wait for their final reunion for the year, Connect4Good Session 3, at Coogee Beach for an action packed afternoon of Surf, Sand and Sun.