Harry, 14, shared his thoughts after participating in Cranbrook’s Cook for Good: “I had been looking forward to volunteering at Our Big Kitchen all week. Once Mum and I arrived we watched two very touching videos and got straight IMG_9327into the cooking. It was great to prepare and package beautiful food with my friends for people in need. I really felt a sense of humble achievement, knowing that our efforts would make a difference to someone else’s life. 
Delivering the meals made me feel sad and happy at the same time. Sad because I had no idea that there were so many people in need, and happy because we are in a position to make a change for the better.
I love this quote from Ricky Martin when he was speaking about his charities:
Q. Why is it important for people to give back?
A. It nourishes your soul and enhances the meaning of life.”
Nicky, mum:
“I just wanted to let you know again how overwhelmingly inspiring it was to be a part of Cook for Good – thank you!”
Judi, mum
“It was a wonderful experience in all 3 respects –
1.    the cooking and the bonding that happened 

and role modelling of boys with boys and bonding with parents on a common activity to help others,IMG_9242_2

2.    the delivery to the individuals who talked at some length about their circumstances and seeing them in their homes and
3.    visiting Wayside Chapel with John giving us a royal tour! It was uplifting …. and grounding to see the visitors to the centre.”