“The delivery is what makes the difference – that’s what changes the experience from an abstract feel-good exercise to a real glimpse of people’s lives and a sense of a meaningful contribution.”  Paul and his son Gabrielle were amongst the 66 boys and dads who joined us at Sunday’s Cook for Good for dads and teenage sons, preparing and delivering a spectacular 593 delicious, nutritious portions. An inspiring way to spend a rainy Sunday.

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Dads and boys delivered the meals they’d made to clients of 10 different organisations which provide services for individuals in need as well as our homeless community. Youth Homelessness Matters day, Wednesday April 9, became a focus of our afternoon, with more than half the Cook for Good meal deliveries going to youth and family services around the inner city and north of the city.

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Guest speaker Dan Haesler writes a regular post for the Generation Next blog. This week Dan shared the essence of the inspiring talk he gave our boys and dads, leaving all with plenty of food for thought. “I spoke about the need for fathers to just show up and try not to be an expert but an example. Sons learn more about how to treat women, drinking, attitudes to violence and life in general from watching their fathers than they ever do from speaking to them.” Read Dan’s post here: Talking To Fathers And Their Sons.