When kids from the HARDA- HORN OF AFRICA RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY community met up with CONNECT4GOOD participants for some healthy rock climbing challenges – trust, connections and friendships unfolded in record time.

Connect4Good (Block 3) at Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym – Villawood was the first of three sessions with HARDA kids in our cross-cultural Connect4Good program, their families coming from the Horn of Africa countries – Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda. This is Kids Giving Back‘s third year working with the wonderful HARDA community.

While some had never climbed before and were naturally a bit nervous, the kids were all incredibly supportive of each other and had as much fun encouraging their climbing partners to make it to the top as they did climbing themselves.

The older kids also enjoyed belaying (working the ropes) for each other. What better way to build trust and connection with someone than when they are holding your lifeline, and your safety is literally in their hands!

The kids and their families had a fun-filled afternoon getting to know each other as they pushed themselves to their physical limits… with lots of pizza, fruit and honey biscuits to keep them going. Everyone’s now looking forward to the next session (to take place this Sunday) which will include sharing their family’s favourite food amongst the fun and games. What better way to create new friendships and get to know one another’s cultures.

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Meanwhile, you can read more about this past year’s programs here https://kidsgivingback.org/connect-for-good/

HARDA’s mission is to unite humanitarian entrants, refugees and migrants from Horn of Africa countries in Australia and to establish a better understanding between them and the people of Australia, introducing them to the social, cultural, economic and political ethos of the country and helping them to integrate with Australian society. Read more here https://v2.harda.org.au/about-us/