When: Wednesday, April 17
Time: 9.30am – 3.30pm
Where: House of Welcome, 197 The Trongate, Granville
To apply please respond to Suma: s.pillai@houseofwelcome.com.au


Children to make and pin up posters with messages of welcome to refugee clients
2 families – Help with the BBQ meal incl. cleaning BBQ
7 families – Decorating the centre. Please bring decoration material, balloons, festoons etc
2 families – make salads – bring ingredients and make salads at Centre
2 families – bring desserts: cake, cup cakes, pudding or fruit platters
All families to participate in a mini Food Drive

** Minimum Age 5 years – please note parents are responsible for supervising young children at all times

The theme of the April community lunch is WELCOME, SANCTUARY AND FOOD SECURITY.

Community lunches are designed to create a safe, welcoming space for House of Welcome refugee and asylum seeker clients. Recent policy changes have seen many exited from access to counselling support, basic financial safety net and more, gravely exacerbating their hardships. The recent incident in Christchurch has shaken and frightened many. The House of Welcome would like to cheer their clients up and assure them, through warmth and hospitality, that there are lots of people in Australia who do care. Learn more about the House of Welcome httpss://www.stfrancis.org.au/house-of-welcome