Sam (15) and his dad Eli were part of a team of 40 boys and dads who participated in the Father & Son Cook for Good session recently and made over 600 meals for the homeless and individuals in need.

Here is the letter we received from Eli and Sam –

Carole & Ruth

Thank you for inviting us and organising the father and son “Cook for Good” event.

Sam and I felt extremely privileged to be part of it, share it with the other dads and their sons and to have the benefit of meeting inspiring people like Dan Haesler and Pat Farmer.

It felt great to be actively involved in something that positively impacted another person’s life.

What made it more special was that Sam and I worked together in the kitchen preparing food with all the other dads and sons and then had the privilege of seeing the benefits when we delivered the meals to the recipients.

The welcome, appreciation and smiles from the recipients were almost overwhelming. What we did was such a small thing that obviously had an impact on the day of the elderly gentleman and the 91 year old lady that we met today.

Sam was particularly moved by the 91 year old lady. In the brief time we had together, in broken Yiddish and English we managed to find out so much about her life and she about ours. Her effervescence was inspiring especially against the backdrop of her meagre and difficult living conditions. We couldn’t begin to imagine the life she came from as she continually praised Australia as a country. It was inspiring to meet someone who had so little and is obviously doing it tough, but seems so positive and full of life. That certainly gave Sam and I a lot to reflect on, as well as perspective on our own lives.

Dan Haesler’s talk was certainly enlightening and I think Sam and I both learned a lot about things that often remain unsaid in father and son relationships. The poem Dan read at the end was a tough one and very moving. I couldn’t believe that it left Sam and I thinking about exactly the same thing … my late father!

It’s amazing how well-chosen and well delivered words can have such power.

We both learned many valuable lessons today and aside from us understanding how much real need is out there and how much work there is to do, we also thought about and were in awe of, the many great people behind the charitable organisations that quietly do so much good by their own actions.

Charity has taken on a new meaning for us and will no longer be seen as a glossy brochure and pledge card or a dinner function with entertaining speakers.

It must have been a lot of work for both of you to put this together and we can see the amount of thought that you put into it (down to the minutia of making sure our deliveries were in the vicinity of our home).

Thank you again and a huge congratulations and well done.

Eli & Sam