IMG_839832 kids and parents participated in Sunday’s Cook for Good, whipping up close on 600 portions of meals for homeless shelters as well as individuals in need.

Chopping, dicing and stirring following by packaging and labelling were the order of the morning as participants hunkered down over cutting boards at Our Big Kitchen with knives and peelers in constant motion.

Our gourmet menu included French onion soup, pumpkin curry, fried rice with vegetables and egg, and the most amazing apple strudel ever.

IMG_8394Patrons at Rough Edges and Wayside Chapel, together with families at Vincentian House and individuals in need once again enjoyed these nutritious meals cooked, as always, with love.

Here is some feedback we received about the experience:

IMG_8377“I discovered that I can make people happier than they are. It was very rewarding!” – Rachel, aged 11

“It was very touching and fun at the same time to prepare meals for people in need. I learnt how to make apple strudel (which I made last night for my family) and I made friends with some of the other children. It was so rewarding delivering the food.” – Becki , aged 13

“I learnt that it’s good to help people. I learnt some cooking skills and it was definitely a rewarding experience.” – Talia, aged 12

“Extremely rewarding to see the children enthusiastically chopping, packing, stickering with delight on their faces. Delivering to the Wayside Chapel was so rewarding, we were greeted with the warmest smiles and farewelled with many thank you’s! I felt so humbled and happy to have been able to give.” – Karen

IMG_8440“A real sense of seeing the result of our efforts – much more satisfying than making a donation, or even preparing the food without seeing the recipients. Your Cook for Good on Sunday was amazing – thank you for your admirable work. I think that delivering the food was particularly valuable for my daughter  – it was important for her to meet people who cannot take their daily meals for granted.” – Paul

“Very encouraging seeing what can be accomplished by working in a group. We learnt a bit about the charity we delivered to and it was great to see the kids “step up” and accomplish things!” – Viv

“My son really enjoyed it and he asked if we can do it again next week. It was great to see him get so involved.” – David

“Definitely gained a sense of giving back. Certainly rewarding and easy for kids to participate.” – Tracey

“Food deliveries were one of the, if not the, highlight of the day. Very rewarding for myself and my kids.” – Michael