In early December a bunch of Central Coast Surf Lifesaver teens came down to Sydney to surf the Scones4Good waves. Young surf lifesavers, surfboards, Bondi – nothing unusual about that, right? Except these great kids were not at the beach but volunteering with Kids Giving Back’s Scones4Good program. Arriving at Our Big Kitchen early on a Sunday morning, 17 teens from the youth leadership group, together with their coordinators, baked well over 100 scones.

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Over at Elizabeth Lodge they slathered the scones with delicious SuperJam and shared them with the elderly residents. Warm smiles and jokes were shared as kids and the elderly swapped life stories and experiences. The kids got to hear some fabulous stories, including those of a former Olympic rower who is now a resident at Elizabeth Lodge. Our thanks as always go to SuperJam for providing us with the best jam in the world!

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Here are comments from some of the Central Coast Surf Lifesaver teens:

“I went in feeling like it would be boring talking to them because of the age difference and how we probably wouldn’t have much in common but I ended up coming out with a smile on my face because we had a great time talking and getting to know some of them. The stereotypes changed from being slow and boring to nice and funny. I gained confidence to speak to others I’m not familiar with from participating in Scones4Good.”– Ella

“It was warming knowing we made so many people happy by not only talking to them but I think they enjoyed my piano playing. I felt a renewed sense of community engagement and a more positive attitude. I wish we had more time with the residents.”– Jade

“I felt that hearing people’s stories and where they had come from changed my perspective of elderly people. My stereotypes were definitely changed because I got to speak to them and got to ask many questions about their life.” — Ryan

“It made me appreciate my life and the opportunities I have that the elderly people I talked to didn’t have.” — Rochelle

“It was great to see the elderly people and I was proud that we could make them happy. They don’t normally get to see so many young people so I think they really enjoyed having us there. I liked talking with them about their experiences and their lives. I also learned better communication skills and felt more confident talking to people I haven’t met before.”– Martin

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