Our Programs.

All Kids Giving Back program activities are based on opportunities for the students to contribute meaningfully to helping others, and assistance and information via games and video will be given to educate them on the people they are assisting.

We offer full and half-day class or year group experiences both as excursions and incursions.

Each session will include both a practical experience of helping others (e.g. cooking, resource development) and games, guest speakers and videos to educate participants on the people they are helping.

Currently our class programs focus on:

  1. Homelessness
  2. Food Scarcity
  3. Asylum Seekers
  4. Intergenerational experiences

Placements can be arranged for the students to volunteer in groups for a range of charitable organisations supporting some of our most vulnerable members of our community.


We offer placements for volunteering experiences with the following groups:

  1. The elderly
  2. The homeless and those at risk of homelessness
  3. Children and young people with a disability or illness
  4. Asylum Seekers
  5. Charities supporting vulnerable groups

In each experience students will experience informal discussion and reflection as they are immersed in tasks which make a meaningful contribution to the work of the organisation they are supporting.

We are happy to discuss tailored options for programs to meet the needs of your students and/or curriculum outcomes. We pride ourselves on being creative, flexible and innovative – so test us out!

Program Roles and Responsibilities

Kids Giving Back:

  • Trained Staff on minimum ratio of 1:30 for duration of the program
  • Program delivery and locations
  • All fees and charges associated with program delivery (excluding transport)
  • Resources and materials for all activities
  • Evaluation of student participation and engagement
  • AV Facilities as required

For programs of more than 2 days duration:

  • One pre meeting and post meeting with School Service Leadership Team
  • Family Newsletter and update on program content pre and post event
  • Final summary report to school including impact measurement

School will provide;

  • Supervision and management of students during all program activities
  • Transport to and from activities or between program activities (may involve public transport)
  • Promotion and advertising of program to families
  • Parent Liaison
  • Distribution and collection of enrolments and evaluations
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks for students (unless included in program)