Westpac’s IT team was our latest group to enjoy Kids Giving Back Cook4Good:Welcome Feast, learning how to make Iranian and Bangladeshi culinary treats from the House of Welcome’s wonderful chefs Maryam, Maryam and Umma. In addition to enjoying the fruits of their labour, the Westpac team sent 101 meals back to the House of Welcome’s asylum seeker community.

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So what happens after the meals leave OBK? Jo Hill, HoW Programs Manager, shares the journey: “The food made by Cook4Good volunteers all comes back to our central food bank in Carramar (and soon to be Auburn). Our Food Bank program provides weekly and fortnightly dry and fresh food and household goods for those who are seeking asylum in our community but have limited or no income. The focus of the project is on assisting with food and financial security rather than people being without three meals a day. Many people are living on an income that only just provides for their rent, and the money they can save by visiting their foodbank allows them to be more secure with other essentials such as medications, travel or communication needs.

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For those without an income the food could mean the difference of being able to contribute something (non-financial) to the friends or community they are living with and reduce the risk of homelessness if they couldn’t contribute anything to the house. Kids Giving Back’s Cook4Good food plays an important role and it’s great for people to take home pre-prepared, culturally appropriate meals. This week for example we used the food that we brought back from Westpac’s Cook4Good, at our community lunch. It was a particularly busy week and we didn’t have enough food to go around as our chef had an emergency immigration appointment – so it was very lucky to have the food!”.

Head to our Facebook page for pics and the full story of the day, posted November 7 httpss://www.facebook.com/KidsGivingBack.

If you’re interested in participating in a Cook4Good Welcome Feast with your school group or corporate team, please drop us a line, info@kidsgivingback.org

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