Our recent Cook4Good:Good Deeds Day saw 56 kids with their mums, dads and grandparents making 522 portions of delicious fried rice, pasta, soup and rolls that they then delivered to homeless shelters and cafes as well as to individuals in need. Good energy flowed in abundance. Thanks to all the wonderful families who participated – you’re all legends! And thanks as always to the brilliant team at Our Big Kitchen, smooth sailing all the way. Read on for feedback from a few of our participants.

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“My kids are still talking about visiting a sick patient with MS. They learnt more about homeless people. They learnt that just because some people live around the corner, does not mean they have an easy life. We all appreciated how lucky we are and would like to help again.” Cigalle
“I learnt all about homelessness and why people have to face problems. it made me think about how others would be feeling not just myself. It felt really wonderful.” Rebecca

“After I delivered the food I felt soo good about myself and I will never forget that feeling! Do this more often because it is something everyone will treasure forever. I really felt like crying when I delivered the food!!” Tahlia

“So rewarding in so many ways. Not only to watch my son help to make a difference with others but to see the smile on the receivers face when we dropped the meals off……..awesome!!” Anastasia

“Carole’s story about buying a sandwich for the man who was homeless was a touching reminder for us all. Personalising the misfortunes of those people we were there to help was powerful.”

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