Ellery (15) and Charlie (12) along with Mum, Danni, were one of the wonderful families who recently made lunches for clients at the Asylum Seekers Centre. That day clients were treated to the family’s Greek baked lamb and potato dish, while the other families who volunteered with them made a beautiful chicken curry and eggplant lasagne.
Hi Ruth
Thank you for arranging for us to provide lunch at the ASC. It was a great experience, really easy and rewarding to do as a family with my kids. 
I have attached a few photos and I also asked the kids to write a little bit about their experience…

It was an incredibly rewarding experience to work at the ASC and serve lunch to the clients there. Knowing that the hard work we put into cooking and serving the meals had a real impact was amazing, and I hope to return to the ASC in future.” Ellery (15)

It started off to a great start. When we got there the friendly Jenny introduced the ASC kitchen to us (which I might say is very organised) and we got cracking. It was amazing fun and it was good to meet new kids. I hope to come and cook again.” Charlie (12)

Thank you once again for your great program.