When Mum, Mamatha, responded to our call out to make lunches for clients at the Asylum Seekers Centre – she was keen to make a difference to the people for whom she was cooking, and she was also intent on providing a special opportunity for her son Ludvig, age 8. Ludvig, Mamatha, and Grandma, Mangala (visiting from India) were amongst the generous families who raised their hands these past holidays to make lunches, and they set to work preparing a delicious vegetarian Indian Rice and Chick pea curry.

Mamatha observes: “It was Ludvig’s first experience seeing the people who are not having the same privileges as him and he acknowledges that everyone in this world doesn’t have the same things as he has. He was very happy to know that everyone liked the food and it was finished very shortly, he has seen the environment there and questioned why it is like that, so I had to explain him in detail.”

Ludvig shared his impressions: MY VISIT TO THE ASYLUM SEEKERS CENTER

The Asylum Seekers Centre is a place where refugees come together, three families cooked food from home and came to the Asylum Seekers Centre to serve all the dishes. The Centre has two floors, the bottom floor is where the receptionists are. The top floor has one kitchen for the three families to share, and a giant dining room to hold all the people. There were a lot of kids on the top floor.

When I reached the Asylum Seekers Centre it looked quite old but held a lot of people. We had to sign in to cook for all the people there. Then we all went upstairs to get ready to serve. We were the first family to reach, five minutes later the two other families came. We all started to warm up the food ready to serve. The first family cooked beef and vegetable stew. They also cooked chicken with vegetables. The second family baked some Anzac biscuits and made a fruit salad. When we warmed up the food we got it on the serving table.

When we were serving the food all the rice was finished at the end. Also, the first family’s chicken and vegetables were all finished too. There was about 30-40 people at the Asylum Seekers Centre. The whole place was crowded. It took about an hour of serving all the delicious food. All the people were so kind and also the kids. It was fun serving the kids and adults. At the end when everybody was starting to go we all helped to clean all the mess. When we finished cooking and serving it was about half past one. I was really hungry after helping.

My visit to the Asylum Seekers Centre was great. I enjoyed cooking and serving. My experience was great. I had a really fun time.” By Ludvig

Mamatha adds: “I personally always had an inclination of helping the community where ever my services can be rendered from a very early age as I have seen my family doing so since my childhood. I have been doing the same with other organisations and this one was something special as it was a first one with Ludvig and I am glad that as a mother he has the same thoughts as mine.”

To Ludvig, Mamatha, and Mangala – and all the other incredible kids who along with their parents took the time to make and serve meals at the Asylum Seekers Centre – thank you for being part of the Next Generation of Generosity.