HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2019 was a BIG year for
Kids Giving Back,

  • we delivered 230 programs
  • worked with 7,748 volunteers
  • prepared 27,378 meals
  • welcomed 24 new schools
  • tripled our corporate volunteering

In simple terms, that is a 39% increase in programs, 27% increase in participants and a 17% increase in meals since 2017!

This would not have been possible without the amazing support and enthusiasm we received from the Kids Giving Back community – these are the children and families, schools and organisations, corporate groups and funders who have embraced our mission to “create the Next Generation of Generosity” and made it their own.  So these achievements are yours!

As 2019 was my first full year as CEO of Kids Giving Back, I have been inspired by the level of engagement, enthusiasm and motivation of our participants at every event. The heart of what it means to be a ‘community’ is there in every program.  I am of course exceptionally blessed to work with Carole, Ruth, Nadine, Andi and Bec, who many of you know and they too share my enthusiasm and appreciation for what together, as a community, our big wonderful group of 7,748 volunteers have achieved in 2019.  

A huge highlight of the year was hitting a milestone of 25,000 participants since our inception in 2012. Our founders Ruth and Carole had enormous smiles last November as they realised their dream 7 years ago, had become reality.

2020 has gotten off to a tumultuous start for much of the world, however, it is at these times we see the very best of humanity.

At Kids Giving Back our programs allow children to feel empowered to help others and contribute. In managing these challenging times our team recognises it is more important than ever, to have programs like ours which support children and young people, to turn their concerns for others into practical action. We have this month responded to the Productivity Commission’s draft report into Mental Health as volunteering and engagement with the community is an important strategy for maintaining good mental health and was not reflected in the draft. If you would like a copy of our response please feel free to contact me.

Our programs for 2020 are off to a great start! We have relocated to a new venue at our ‘HUB’ in Paddington and already delivered 80 hours of programs in January with 380 participants. Our charity partners this month, Will2Live and Rough Edges, took delivery and distributed 1206 meals on our behalf. We worked alongside our friends at Thread Together to pack 108 boxes of clothing urgently needed for the Bushfire Relief. In addition we were able to contribute 108 care packs to a variety of groups, and that is just the beginning!!

Once again thank you, our achievements are your achievements. We look forward to welcoming you, or in many cases welcoming you back, to our programs in 2020.

Robyn Monro Miller CEO, Kids Giving Back