These amazing OOSH kids at #NewtownKidsCottage, Newtown Public School spent their afternoon at After School Care generously giving up their time to make animal toys for Maggie’s Rescue. The group spent over an hour lovingly creating the toys for rescue animals and then donated them to Dora and Tyger the Dog who accepted them on behalf of Maggie’s. Dora also explained to the group about the work Maggie’s do, how to care for animals and how to approach dogs that they don’t know.

The service builds relationships and engages with its community. Thank you to NKC for living their mission of providing “children with the opportunity to grow and be enriched through a diverse range of activities, experiences and relationships, […] so that children can engage in meaningful, out of school leisure activities”. This aligns perfectly with our mission: “to create the next generation of generosity by providing meaningful, hands on volunteering opportunities for children”.

Kids Giving Back OOSH programs are available during ASC and Vacation Care onsite at your service and are a perfect way of embedding many outcomes from MTOP into your program. Children are given the opportunity to connect with their community and build resilience, a sense of belonging and empathy through helping others in need.

See below for all of the standards covered in this one activity:

1.2.1 – Intentional teaching – Educators are deliberate, purposeful, and thoughtful in their decisions and actions.
1.2.3 – Child directed learning – Each child’s agency is promoted, enabling them to make choices and decisions that influence events and their world.
5.1.1 – Positive educator to child interactions – Responsive and meaningful interactions build trusting relationships which engage and support each child to feel secure, confident and included.
5.2 – Relationships between children – Each child is supported to build and maintain sensitive and responsive relationships.
5.2.1 – Collaborative learning – Children are supported to collaborate, learn from and help each other.
6.2 – Collaborative partnerships – Collaborative partnerships enhance children’s inclusion, learning and wellbeing.
6.2.3 – Community engagement

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