“Please find a photo of the still existing relationship between Northolm Grammar and Tregear Public that you created all those years ago” reads the heartwarming email we just received from the dynamic Jan Wright, Executive Director NGROO Education.

In 2012 when Kids Giving Back was just founded, we met Jan who introduced us to Tregear Public School and their Indigenous Education Officer. We proceeded to create a program connecting Northolm Grammar and Tregear students, and now – 5 years on – this relationship has deepened and flourished. This year the two groups are building gardens and playground equipment at Tregear. Each year they also maintain what they have created the year before. Since 2012 students have done 6 significant school enhancement projects together, for all the students to enjoy.

From little things big things grow ….. We’re so proud and humbled to have been ‘the matchmakers’ of this thriving relationship. Kids Giving Back is Connecting Communities and Building Bridges, fulfilling our mission to Create the Next Generation of Generosity.