Care2Connect – 7 – 12 yrs

Does your child want to ‘give back’ but is not sure where to begin?
Would you like to inspire and motivate your kids in a fun way?

Our Care2Connect program is a wonderful introduction into ‘giving back’ in the home and community. This positive program will empower children to discover they can make a difference to their family and communities even in these unsettling times.

Our experienced Kids Giving Back facilitator will lead a series of 2 x one hour online group sessions!

The program is designed to build new knowledge and provide simple altruistic challenges each session which can be undertaken before the next session. Children will then have the opportunity to share with the group what they’ve achieved between the sessions.

Parents are welcome to sit in during the program, however kids can attend independently.

Children will need access to a printer, paper, scissors and pens/textas for each session. Resources will need to be downloaded prior to each session.

Age: 7 – 12 years


1. Wednesdays 5th& 12thAugust – 2pm – 3pm

2. Sundays 9th& 16th August – 2pm – 3pm

3. Thursdays 13th& 20thAugust – 4pm – 5pm

For more information and to book Care2Connect

Care2Connect – Intergen – BINGO – 7 – 18yrs

An ONLINE ‘giving back’ activity to help relieve isolation for the elderly

age 7 – 18 yrs

Come join us as we help relieve social isolation for everyone! Just one hour of your time will guarantee smiles for our elderly friends currently in isolation in aged care homes.

We will be running weekly programs linking groups of children and young people (maximum of 12) to a similar sized group of residents in an aged care home. You will be guided through this lovely interaction with our wonderful Kids Giving Back online facilitator. We have 8 aged care homes we are working with.

Session: 10:30am Tuesday 14th July 2020

Cost: $5 minimum donation request

For more information and to book: Intergen – Bingo

Care2Give – Duke of Ed opportunity

Care2Give is a new opportunity for families and children to “give back” during this time of crisis in the community for the METRO – SYDNEY area.
Kids Giving Back is working with charities to identify needs of organisations and individuals. We have a range of groups with specific requirements. The opportunity exists for volunteers to collect from their pantries or purchase required items and assemble a care pack. Volunteers can then drop to the nominated vulnerable person or organisation in need.

There is no fee to register.

For more information and to book: Care2Give

Download Duke of Ed information here: DofE_Care2Give