Winter School Holiday Programs

Care2Connect – 7 – 11 yrs

Does your child want to ‘give back’ but is not sure where to begin?
Would you like to inspire and motivate your kids in a fun way?

Our Care2Connect program is a wonderful introduction into ‘giving back’ in the home. This positive program will empower children to discover they can make a difference to their family even in these unsettling times.

Our experienced Kids Giving Back facilitator will lead this causal and fun program.

The session is designed to build new knowledge and provide simple altruistic challenges. Children will have the opportunity to chat with other kids to help relieve boredom and provide a little social connection.

Parents are welcome to sit in during the program, however kids can attend independently.

Children will need access to a printer, paper, scissors and pens/textas for each session. Resources will need to be downloaded prior to each session.

Age: 7 – 11 years

Dates: 5th & 7th July 2021

For more information and to book Care2Connect

Care2Connect – Intergen – BINGO – 7yrs+

An ONLINE ‘giving back’ activity to help relieve isolation for the elderly

age 7yrs+

Come join us as we help relieve social isolation for everyone! Just one hour of your time will guarantee smiles for our elderly friends currently in isolation in aged care homes.

We will laugh our way through games of online Bingo by our wonderful Kids Giving Back online facilitators. We have a number of age care homes who are eager to connect.

For more information and to book: Intergen – Bingo