Care2Connect – Intergen – BINGO – 7 – 18yrs

An ONLINE ‘giving back’ activity to help relieve isolation for the elderly

age 7 – 18 yrs

Come join us as we help relieve social isolation for everyone! Just one hour of your time will guarantee smiles for our elderly friends currently in isolation in aged care homes.

We will be running weekly programs linking groups of children and young people (maximum of 12) to a similar sized group of residents in an aged care home. You will be guided through this lovely interaction with our wonderful Kids Giving Back online facilitator. We have 8 aged care homes we are working with.

Session: 10:30am Tuesday 14th July 2020

Cost: $5 minimum donation request

For more information and to book: Intergen – Bingo

Care2Give – Duke of Ed opportunity

Care2Give is a new opportunity for families and children to “give back” during this time of crisis in the community for the METRO – SYDNEY area.
Kids Giving Back is working with charities to identify needs of organisations and individuals. We have a range of groups with specific requirements. The opportunity exists for volunteers to collect from their pantries or purchase required items and assemble a care pack. Volunteers can then drop to the nominated vulnerable person or organisation in need.

There is no fee to register.

For more information and to book: Care2Give

Download Duke of Ed information here: DofE_Care2Give

Care2Share – 6 – 18yrs

Help relieve social isolation for the elderly and bring happiness to their day by registering to become a PENPAL!
If you like writing letters or messages, making cards and drawings this is a great activity for you.
We will assign an elderly person to you who is currently living in residential care or living on their own to become their penpal.
Each week over the next 3 months, you will send cards, drawings or letters which will be received by that person.
All contact will be by first name and age only. We will supply a central address to receive the mail and the letters will be distributed from there.
This program has been funded by the Department of Veteran Affairs and is FREE to participate.
Plus – at the end of the social distancing we will host a reunion betwen pen pals – something fun to look forward to!

Age: 6 – 18yrs

Date: There is no set start or finish date to this program. Register as soon as you’re keen to begin!

For more information and to book: Care2Share