Those they’re helping are the other half –  asylum seekers, refugees, the homeless community including the growing number of homeless teens and homeless families; people living with a disability, indigenous communities, the elderly and more.

Kids Giving Back is all about great collaborations, and we work hard to provide young people with age appropriate, meaningful volunteering opportunities with more than 50 charity partners – and growing! Over 4,000 young people have volunteered through Kids Giving Back – sorting clothes for those in need, assisting at community days at schools for children with disabilities, spending time with the elderly in true intergenerational programs. And lots more. Our programs have resulted in our volunteers making and delivering more than 14,000 meals to the homeless and asylum seeker communities. For a tiny charity with huge goals we think we’re scrubbing up pretty well!

With your help, we are CREATING THE NEXT GENERATION OF GENEROSITY. If you love what we offer your kids and our community, please consider making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE  DONATION today so that we can keep providing easily accessible, age appropriate, meaningful opportunities for kids who want to make a difference.

Every bit counts. Please help us so that together we can
Create the Next Generation of Generosity.

donategenoFor those who’d like to read on, we’re including just a couple of testimonials:
“I gained many things from this program. I learned not to give up on life and learnt how good it feels to make other people feel happy by giving them food and other important things.” Anthony, 13

“The way my son relayed his experience at the dinner table last night, would have made you very proud of what you were doing. The experience made a 14 year old aware of more than the general niceties that fill their lives and definitely more aware of community service and charitable work. Best part was being able to spend time with my son whilst being able to help the community and for him to experience the true essence of volunteering for his community.”Garry, Dad following Father + Son Cook4Good