Introducing Kids Giving Back.

Kids Giving Back is a charity offering programs for children 6-18 years old and their families which provides opportunities to assist vulnerable people in the community through work with charities.

Embracing the concept of making a contribution back into community, all sessions are run by skilled facilitators.

Our programs enable children and young people to undertake practical and meaningful activities to support the work of charities whilst at the same time assisting them to acquire empathy, experience altruism and achieve a sense of belonging.

We are a TRIPLE IMPACT organisation.


Our programs benefit:


  1. CHILDREN Our programs provide meaningful opportunities for children to experience and internalise civic responsibility and engagement.
  2. VULNERABLE PEOPLE Our programs support our charity partners to meet the needs of their clients through support with food, resources and awareness-raising.
  3. COMMUNITY Our programs develop social cohesion. Learning experiences provided through our programs break down barriers and provide a platform for sustained civic engagement, positively transforming children’s perception of community.


Our programs create a ripple effect across the community:
educating, influencing, and empowering children and families that engage with our programs to make the
concept of “giving back” a practice embedded into their daily life.

Our work with children, families, schools and charity partners has the capacity to provide significant outcomes
in the short term that contribute to long-term positive social change.