IMG_1961Meet Dave, he’s a patron of Rough Edges Cafe for the homeless community and he’s lived on and off the streets since he was a young boy. And as Year 10 and 11 Scots College boys discovered, Dave is also an awesome guide. The boys participated in an Urban Walk around Darlinghurst led by Dave together with the ‘Roughies’ education team Katherine and Gemma, and Mish, another Rough Edges patron.

IMG_1892Stories of the streets, homelessness, addiction and violence were brought home to the students as they walked around the area while hearing about the significance of various landmarks.


The morning kicked off with our Cook for Good program at Our Big Kitchen. The boys made over 150 meals which they delivered to Rough Edges prior to the Urban Walk. Katherine from Rough Edges writes: “I must say again thank you for the delicious food!! Believe it or not, we needed it so desperately as we ran out on Monday night due to all the patrons there and Oz Harvest ran out! So, perfectly timed!”