We have kids who are working very long hours after school, they’re feeding sheep, and they’re taking on the pressures of their parents…. We’ve socialised our country kids to be tough … they say ‘there are kids worse off than us’ but I don’t believe that anymore…..These kids are seeing death, dust storms … I want the kids to see Trundle Central School as an oasis in their life.

Thanks to The Scots College Year 12 who spent their last day of school at our Clothes4Good program at Thread Together last week. They packed clothes for a school in Trundle, New South Wales, helping those that are doing it tough because of the drought.

For those of us in the major cities it’s often difficult to imagine the lives of kids in drought stricken areas – this story brings some home-truths our way  https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-10/rural-school-fights-to-keep-drought-kids-happy/10105568