Encourage your kids and their friends to use the holidays to create a campaign about something that really matters to them. Posters, flyers, art, a short film, photography, music, performance, dance, a website – are all great ways to spread the word.

We’re frequently asked by parents how your kids can give back to community – here’s something that can be done at home, in the holidays and all year round!

Kids, please share your campaigns with us. Send us an email info@kidsgivingback.org so we can feature your campaign on our Facebook and website.

Wondering how/where to get started? Check out these causes and websites. Remember, it’s about letting our kids find what matters to them, and then letting them create an initiative of their own.

– Opening up about Mental Health httpss://headspace.org.au headspace
Animal protection httpss://www.voiceless.org.au/ Voiceless: the animal protection institute
Refugees httpss://www.refugeecouncil.org.au/ Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA)
Environment  https://www.plasticfreejuly.org/ Plastic Free July
Literacy/books for indigenous communities httpss://www.indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au/ The Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Campaigning for a cause is also a great way to teach your child moral reasoning skills https://www.fundamentallychildren.com/2018/03/13/use-plastic-straw-ban-teach-child-moral-reasoning-skills/

Our children’s journey to becoming innovative, engaged citizens starts right here, with Kids Giving Back. Help your kids find a cause close to their hearts, so they can Start the Fire!