Teaching English

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Join our volunteer teaching program and teach English to the warm, enthusiastic children of rural Surin province in NE Thailand. Thai school children love interacting with and learning English from native English speakers – especially those their own age! These experiences bring rich cultural learning, both for kids volunteering as well as Thai children.

As volunteer teachers you and your family will have the opportunity to teach in primary schools & secondary schools, as well as at English Camps scheduled during non-term time. Special needs teaching can also be arranged upon request.

As your students only have access to native English speaking teachers when our volunteers come to their schools, you and your family can make a real difference as volunteers teaching English in Thailand. By becoming a volunteer teacher you give rural Thai children the opportunity to learn English with a native speaker – English competence opens so many more doors later in life. Tourism is the No1 industry in Thailand, and all international companies with operations in Thailand expect a competence in both written and spoken English. The English you teach the children of rural Surin will provide them with a critical skill for a good job in the future.

The benefits of volunteering are a two way street, and teaching with your own children is both rich and rewarding. Immersed in the colourful daily rhythms of life and learning in Thai classrooms, your family will experience the value and joys of teamwork and develop useful skills as you plan the day’s lessons together with other volunteers. Your children will also gain an awareness of the respect that Thai children give their teachers and elders.

Do something amazing and volunteer to teach helping Thai children prepare for a better future.

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On arrival:

Your group co-ordinators will greet you on arrival in Bangkok on a Friday, and on Saturday morning they will provide you with an overview orientation briefing. On arrival in Surin on Sunday night you will receive an in-depth orientation to help familiarise you with your new surroundings and workplace expectations. You will also receive a schedule of your day-to-day volunteering activities. Cultural expectations and differences will also be discussed.

Coordinators and general program support:

Your program coordinator is the person who is with you throughout your volunteer experience, fulfilling many roles: offering you guidance and advice and answering any questions you may have, working alongside you translating, and supporting you throughout your day. Your project coordinator will help you settle in at the school where you are teaching, and give you advice on lesson plans and more. Your coordinators have grown up within the culture of Surin, and they love sharing their knowledge and traditions. Most of all, you’ll see right away that their energy is contagious. Their ongoing presence is largely responsible for your cultural integration in the communities in which you are volunteering.

You will also be given 24-hour emergency contact numbers of other project staff members.

What’s our schedule?

On arrival in Surin city you will participate in an orientation session to familiarize yourself with your volunteer project and to meet all the project staff involved in making your volunteering experience a fabulous one.

Your project coordinator will assist you to settle in to your accommodation at the volunteer house, located on the outskirts of town and within walking distance of a good choice of restaurants, supermarkets, markets, internet cafés etc. Your coordinator will be with you throughout your volunteering period. All coordinators have grown up within the rich traditions of this part of Thailand and truly love sharing these with volunteers.

Volunteers work a 4-day week with the long weekend to relax or travel. Your volunteer day commences on Monday morning and your coordinator will pick you up and take you to your project. Pick up time will about 8am and you will be brought back to your accommodation around 3-4pm.

Your 3-day weekend commences on Thursday afternoon, giving you the perfect opportunity to relax, or to travel and explore some of the fascinating areas around Surin. The bus and train station are a short tuk tuk ride away from your accommodation. Speak to us for some great weekend recommendations.

Life in the volunteer house in Surin city:

Well located on the outskirts of Surin city, the volunteer house is clean and large with basic facilities and accommodates up to 10 people.  Your twin share room in the house is yours for the duration of your volunteering experience.  You are responsible for your own meals while staying at the volunteer house, and all volunteer houses have a basic kitchen including a cook top, sink, toaster, kettle, fridge and utensils for self-catering. Alternatively you can walk to one of the many local restaurants or roadside food stands located right by the volunteer house.

Embrace the differences, let go of some of your western ways, and above all – go with the flow! It’s all part of a new and rich cultural experience.

A note on time and flexibility: ‘Thai time’ is different to the exact time standards of city life that most of us are used to and depend on, and itineraries and activities are subject to change. The more flexible you are, the more you will gain from the program.
Be prepared: Pack some card games, books, pencils and paper, and have some creative activities and games up your sleeve for your kids. These will also be useful during the train trip up to Surin.

Kids will naturally gravitate to other kids, and they also love talking to and playing games with other (adult) volunteers. Even waiting for an activity to start is part of your child’s personal growth during their volunteer experience, as they dig into their own creative resources and initiate games and activities.

How to be a great volunteer:

• Get involved, be committed and show your enthusiasm! Remember that everything you do can make a difference to the community with whom you are volunteering.

• Show initiative and be proactive – if there are some quiet moments, look around you and see what needs to be done. There is always a job to do!

• Make suggestions – share your ideas and involve others

• Communicate your ideas with the local people as well as with your fellow volunteers

Surin is located in the Northeast of Thailand, about 7 hours from Bangkok. It can be reached by bus or by train from the capital or from the North of the country. From Surin it is only one hour to the border crossing with Cambodia.

Surin and Northeast Thailand are a little off the tourist radar, and so have remained unspoiled and ready to offer you a fascinating and authentic experience of the real, untouched Thailand. Surin is an extremely safe place to stay.

Surin Province is Thailand’s 3rd poorest province. While the area is renowned in Thailand for its fragrant jasmine rice, Surin’s low rain fall means that only one rice crop a year is possible. Life is hard in this region and local people are unemployed for 8-9 months of the year. When you visit the flat landscapes of Surin province, it is truly rice paddies as far as the eye can see. If you head into the country side during July and August you will see whole villages in the fields planting rice, and November to December is harvest time.

Surin once belonged to the Khmer empire so you will find scattered ancient temples from the same period as the temples of Angkor in Cambodia. Surin is now most famous for the annual elephant festival that takes place in November. The elephants are well treated in this region and the mahouts are proud of their standard of care.

Within Surin city there are many local shops and restaurants, plus a night food market. The countryside surrounding Surin offers the opportunity to visit fascinating silk, silver and basket villages, where you can buy authentic, locally made goods.

Surin’s location makes it perfectly placed for you to explore many other parts of Thailand, with Surin’s local bus and train stations offering many ways to travel to and from the region. Locations easily reached from Surin include Khao Yai National Park, the Thai-Cambodian border and rural Thailand further Northeast for the more intrepid traveller.