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KIDS GIVING BACK (KGB) is dedicated to encouraging volunteer experiences for families with children age 6 – 18 years.
We started Kids Giving Back because we want to create the next generation of generosity, to make giving back to community part of a child’s DNA. We want to create opportunities for kids and their families to embrace real life experiences, away from the virtual world that kids live today, and to spend quality time, either with friends or as a family, giving back.

Our approach embraces the philosophy of deep democracy – kids walking hand in hand with other communities, each inspiring and empowering one another.

Our mission is to:
·         instill in children and their family unit the beauty of giving to others, not just of material things but of time through real life experiences
·         develop our next generation of leaders and create a culture of generosity and civic responsibility

Please join us, as together we Create the next Generation of Generosity


KIDS GIVING BACK has several functions

• We offer you a one stop directory of volunteer opportunities both abroad as well as in Sydney, Australia. Use our directory to find the right volunteer organization to meet your family’s needs.

• We have arrangements with several volunteer organizations, allowing you to book your volunteer experience through us for a tailor-made, tried and tested experience. As licensed travel agents we can also assist with your bookings.


Our programs are for parents who want their children to experience the richness of giving back to others.

If you are a parent or grandparent of children age 6 – 18 years and you want to give your kids a broader view of our world, our programs are for you.