Our recent Kids Giving Back – Goldman Brothers Adventure Run fundraiser was nothing short of phenomenal, leaving all participants glowing along with a healthy bout of fatigue and a few sore muscles.

The fundraiser is still open for a few weeks into June, so please consider making a donation if you haven’t yet done so httpss://adventure-run.com.au/  Our thanks to everyone who has donated, for your generosity.

Sara, one of our energetic Youth Ambassadors who participated along with her brother Joel and parents Simon and Rebecca, shares her memories of this inspiring weekend:  “Wow, what a weekend! Running, walking and limping over 50km was no easy task but we made it. From little Josh to Barry and David, there was an assortment of differing levels and ages, all competing and raising money for Kids Giving Back.

On the first day we arrived to the beautiful camp site in Jervis Bay, preparing ourselves for what we all knew would be a huge challenge. The tents were set up and we relaxed, as the sun set over the river while delicious food was served. We listened to a few speeches about Kids Giving Back and all the amazing work that they do from Ruth and Carole, the co-founders/directors, as well as a few other participants. Barry and Mark (the Goldman Brothers who initiated the Run) shared how they were inspired to support such a great organisation through this event.


On Saturday morning we were greeted bright and early with the sounds of a very persistent rooster as we climbed out of our tents into the cold, fresh air, ready for a big day. After breakfast we jumped on the bus, a perfect mix of adrenaline, excitement and competitiveness as we anticipated the start of a 2 day adventure, beginning on a gorgeous beach. The count down was made up of our loud and eager voices. 5 4 3 2 1 RUN! Every participant bolted into the pristine landscape to soon realise that most of us did not have the energy to continue at that pace for over 25km let alone a few seconds. Once the photos were taken, we could relax and find our pace for the rest of the race.

It was pretty difficult not to love the first few kilometres of the day because the beach and the views were just so breathtaking. The kilometres after that however, became a little more challenging for those less experienced runners. At about halfway we were pleasantly greeted with a food station that contained a buffet of fuel and much needed energy. Chips, coke, snakes, cake and for those more health conscious: banana, water and special energy gels and drink. Upon crossing the finish line a wave of relief swept across us and we all enjoyed a well deserved lunch and relaxation at the beach, as we bonded over the mutual pain of our legs.

As the sun set everyone sat at the edge of the river, drinks in hand, playing card games and contemplating the exciting next day ahead. After dinner we watched adventure/ extreme sport videos to get us hyped for day two.

The highlight of the second day was definitely the water crossings where we swam across two rivers fully clothed with shoes and backpacks. The last few kilometres were probably the hardest as every step hurt but when we finally saw the finishing line our spirits rose as we realised the magnitude of our achievement – over 50 kilometres in two days! Perhaps the most entertaining part of the event was watching everyone hobbling around after the final day.

It was an incredible few days with a great group of people and we hope to see many more of you involved at the next event. Learning from my own experience of zero preparation, the only advice I have is to make sure you train, even just a little bit!”

Loads of phenomenal teamwork enabled our first annual fundraiser to take place: The Adventure Run was initiated by our dedicated Founding Partners, https://goldmanbrothers.com.au/, and every single little detail you could ever imagine to make the weekend happen (including creating the challenging trails we ran and walked) was carried out by the wonderful Challengeworks team httpss://challengeworks.com.au/

We were super excited to have Heather Hawkins join us as our event Ambassador, inspiring us every step of the way. Check out Heather’s previous marathon adventures here – seven marathons on seven continents in seven days – and that’s only the beginning of why we find her inspiring httpss://www.facebook.com/HeatherHawkinsAdventurousSpirit/

Like the Adventure Run Facebook page httpss://www.facebook.com/GBAdventureRun/  see more pics and keep up with the latest – it’s not too early to start training for next year’s event!


© Lyndon Marceau / marceauphotography


© Lyndon Marceau / marceauphotography


© Lyndon Marceau / marceauphotography