Dear Ministers for Education: Senator Birmingham (Federal MP), Minister Stokes (NSW State MP), and Minister Dibs (Shadow Minister for Education):  Brace yourselves for young Caitlyn’s brilliant idea! Please read the email Kids Giving Back received from her Mum:

Hi Kirsty, My daughter, Caitlyn (8) has done a couple of Kids Giving Back events with you. Most recently, she attended Scones4Good with her sister Emerson. This week Caitlyn sat her first NAPLAN exams and, for the persuasive writing component, she was asked to write about ‘her big idea’.

Well, I thought you would be chuffed to know that ‘her big idea’ was that ALL schools should have to participate in Kids Giving Back programs. Her ‘persuasive’ arguments included that Kids Giving Back was fun, that you get to meet new people and try different things and, most importantly, that you get to make a contribution to the community.

Even if her spelling and grammar don’t give her full marks on the test, I am super proud and grateful to you for helping to seed such a fabulous ‘big idea’. Well done to you and your team and we’ll see you in September.