A fabulous start to our 2017 Cook4Good programs, with 51 kids and parents cooking, packing and delivering over 190 meals to individuals in need and local homeless shelters. Thanks to all for your time, energy and generosity; your warm, nutritious meals have made a huge difference to a lot of people on a rainy day!

Romain, 13 and Valentin,12 along with their parents Sandrine and Christian were one of our generous families. Christian writes: “What an amazing day today! We genuinely enjoyed the activity. Committing the whole family to a common objective is terrific. It is also of utmost importance to us. Giving our kids what is increasingly missing – unfortunately – in this world: values. This is the best luggage we can leave them for the future. They will make this world a better place to live, I am convinced of it. You can count on us to regularly do this activity and spread the voice.”

To join us at Cook4Good mornings through 2017 sign up here – register for a few dates https://tinyurl.com/cook4good2017