Dear Ruth

“Thank you so much for the gift of allowing us to Give Back.” So starts the email we received from Mandy, who along with her daughter Georgia were one of 9 generous families who made beautiful, nutritious lunches for clients at the Asylum Seekers Centre during the school holidays.

Mandy’s letter continues: While I might do it through my various charities and volunteering I do, my daughter, Georgia, doesn’t have too many opportunities. Or should I say, opportunities that engage and inspire her to Give Back.

So, there she was, placing raw chicken in an aluminium tray, cringing all the way. ( I told her to suck it up as I do it everyday!) She mixed the sauce and poured it over the chicken and placed it carefully in the oven. Then she blended the chocolates, biscuits and other yummies to make a special ice-cream. All of this was still quite remote as to who was to eat it and how they would respond to her efforts.

The above picture on the right shows our car loaded up with a big bag of her old clothes and other things to donate plus The Food! When we got there, the picture on the left, shows her helping to take the food into the kitchen at the centre.

Then it was all systems go. Suddenly the dining room was full, she was at the table serving. Seeing happy polite and grateful faces. Faces from all nations. All languages. All ages. Georgia did not stop smiling until 1.5 hours later when we left. She was so happy. She was so happy to give. To make other people smile. To help other people in less fortunate positions to herself. She was so thrilled to be part of the team of helpers. And of course the cringe from the raw chicken was a distant memory.

I asked her what surprised her most. She said the fact that they had Iphones! That really surprised her.

I guess what that showed her is that they are like her. No different. Just not as lucky but still lucky to be here and to receive the results of her efforts.

I think the other big lesson from the day was how good it feels to give. That is the biggest take away of the day.

Thanks again to you and your great charity!

Mandy xx

Thank you to Monday’s families – kids Georgia (13), Shannon (10), Adam (7), Archer (12) and Leo (8) and parents Mandy, Toni, Carlie and Josh.