With just under a week to go you can still sponsor our amazing participants. Every dollar donated helps to connect young people with something bigger than themselves httpss://adventurerun.com.au/

EMPOWERING. INSPIRED. INSIGHTFUL. CONNECTED. EYE-OPENING are some of the ways students have described their experience with us. Here’s just one of the many compelling reasons we do what we do:
This was by far the best school camp I have taken part in, and it made me realise how lucky and thankful I am! It felt like the group of students, leaders and teachers were all working together, lifting each other, and spreading light out into the community. It has opened my eyes and inspired me to volunteer and help make a difference to those in need.” Year 9 pupil

TO DONATE NOW head here httpss://adventurerun.com.au/ Either press the Donate button or go to Find a Friend and make a donation to one of the awesome runners/walkers who are participating to help Kids Giving Back achieve our mission.

THANK YOU to all the generous families who have already donated. Our programs change lives – thank you for helping us to create the Next Generation of Generosity.

Huge thanks go to our Founding Partners, The Goldman Brothers httpss://www.facebook.com/GoldmanBrothers/ for their ongoing support and generosity, and for believing so deeply in our mission.

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