Last holidays Toby (6), Jessie (9) and Orla (11), along with mum, Zoe, made lunches for clients of the Asylum Seekers Centre. Zoe writes: “Thanks so much for the opportunity to cook for the ASC today. The kids loved it, and liked meeting everyone. I have attached some photos of my 3 cooking plus a photo of them with the other children they worked with today. It was an amazing family experience and so important for the kids to help those less fortunate than themselves. Here is their feedback:

It was fun making our meal together as a family. I liked seeing how happy the people were when they had our food. There was quite a lot of leftovers but we served those up in individual pots and everyone was very grateful to take it away for dinner” Orla (11)

“I enjoyed helping and cooking. Everyone was really friendly and nice”  Toby (6)

“It was interesting meeting people from different cultures. We didn’t need to understand their talking, we understood their actions. They were very grateful” Jessie (9)


The Asylum Seekers Centre is very grateful to the generous families who volunteer each school holidays. Joining Orla, Jessie and Toby on this day were Lachlan and Declan along with mum, Stephanie, and Mia and Niamh, along with mum, Jenny.      Keep an eye out for July school holiday dates, coming soon!