Tali attended Monday’s Scones4Good program with her children Lexi, 10, Yasmne, 7 and Dylan, 12 and had these amazing words to say: “My children were honoured to be part of your program, giving both love and kindness to the elderly and preparing the carepacks for the youth in need. We thank you for guiding our children, teaching them the importance of giving and how these kind gestures can improve the quality of life of so many.”

Lexi added, “I felt that I was able to speak kindly to the Elders and in doing so I feel I made them smile and feel important.”

A wonderful inter-generational morning at the Centre on Ageing, where kids and Elders spent time interacting and took part in trivia and other games together. The volunteers and Elders also worked together to assemble care packs for teenage girls supported by Project Youth Inc, an organisation that helps young people deal with and get through difficult situations. We even celebrated a 100th birthday, singing Happy Birthday to Sol!

Huge thanks for the generosity of BONNEbags Australia who provided the bags for care packs, Boody for their eco-friendly undies, and Gaslight Pharmacy Rose Bay for toiletries to go into the packs.

The following schools all have amazing students who give up their time in the school holidays to help others: #BrontePublicSchool Reddam House, #KingsLangleyPublicSchool, Mosman Public School, Petersham Public School, Woollahra Public School, Moriah College, #RoseBayPS, Mount Sinai College Community, Kambala, Picnic Point Public School, Kinma School