At our August Connect4Good program held at Wairoa School, our young volunteers learnt about the abilities of kids with disability and assisted in creating beautiful decorations and props for Wairoa’s end of term sensory concert. How do we decide which charities and organisations we’re supporting through Connect4Good, and what participating kids will be doing? In a nutshell, we respond to the authentic needs of a community by asking “What do you need, how can we help”. And if their needs match what our kids ages 8-12 can provide, a beautiful, engaging Connect4Good relationship is born!


Jenny Carroll, Deputy Head of Wairoa, gave an inspiring presentation about the school’s work with its 65 students. Our program included a tour of the school highlighting its facilities and teaching methods and the children learnt about the incredible abilities of Wairoa students, taking away the stigma of disability.

Connect4Good kids did a fabulous job creating props and decorations for Wairoa’s upcoming concert based on the environment, with activities including crafting vibrant, colourful and quirky fish, octopuses, whales, and turtles, and painting a backdrop for the concert.

We were visited by members of Lodge Mark Owen of the Double Bay Masonic Chapter who came to observe our program in action, and generously donated a $1,000 cheque to support the work of Kids Giving Back in creating the Next Generation of Generosity. We thank them greatly for their continued support! A super big thanks too to the wonderful Mums and kids for your contribution to the communities you’ve supported through your participation in Connect4Good. We can’t wait to see you again!