Another powerful morning at our GROW program with the young people from Youth Off The Streets schools, and educator Dan Haesler engaging with them to discover their own resilience and just how much they have to offer. Clients at Lou’s Place, a unique community-based daytime refuge for women in crisis, were this week’s grateful meal recipients. Thanks to our head chef Lily for culinary inspiration, and to our Kids Giving Back angel, Nicole, for smooth sailing back of house.

@Dan.I.Haesler posts:
Normally, I have a relatively low tolerance for people posting food on social media…    BUT that said, *THIS* food was made and packaged – once again – by the kids who access Youth Off The Streets as part of the program I run with Kids Giving Back.

Today they delivered over 40 meals to a refuge for survivors of Domestic Violence. These kids rock. 👊

If you’d like to get YOUR kids involved in such a program then drop a line to my friends at Kids Giving Back. They’d LOVE to hear from you.

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