We’re inspired by US teen Andrea Liao whose love for reading and belief in the importance of literacy made her start her own organisation ‘Book the Future’ when she was just 14. Her global initiative envisions a world where all children are able to grow up with ample access to books.

It’s really important to take initiative, that’s how I got started. Go out in your community and see what you can do to make a difference. Through my passion for reading, I am giving back to my community and beyond, and advocating for change. I believe that youth advocacy is crucial in effecting social change, especially in today’s political climate.

Kids and teens – Start the Fire! How can you use your passions to make a difference? Look around you – start local: Ask yourself “What does my own community need?” If you’re already using your passions and skills to make a difference to others, please drop us a line, we’d love to feature your story and inspire others!

Mums and Dads – please share this inspiring story with your kids!

Book the Future: a book for every child, a story for every student