“My 3 kids and I have been involved in Kids Giving Back since its inception and have participated in its many wonderful experiences.  At first I was waiting for that ‘aha moment’, in other words for them to be catapulted towards insight by a single experience.  However, no such wisdom seemed evident, and I wondered if perhaps it was all just going over their little heads…but then the moments began to surface in sure, steady and significant increments.

Thailand 2011 Kids Giving Back 055_2Proactive acts of kindness and beautiful family discussions assured me that in fact nothing was eluding them, instead it was (and continues to) slowly percolate for them, emerging when the time is right for each individual child.

Thailand 2011 Kids Giving Back 049What have I learnt as a parent?

I can’t give my kids a crash course in altruism, instead it’s a lifestyle thing, it’s a mindset thing and it’s about providing opportunities for them to engage in activity and thought which stretches them beyond their daily, rose tinted lives.”

Rachel and her kids have volunteered with Kids Giving Back both locally as well as with our international partner program. Their local volunteering has included cooking and serving meals for asylum seekers at the Asylum Seekers Centre; they have also participated in Cook for Good, making and delivering meals for the homeless and individuals in need; in Thailand they taught English and worked with elephants in Surin, Thailand’s second poorest province.

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