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Session 1 – 7pm, 24th March 2021

Session 2 – 7pm, 28th April 2021


The Youth Changemaker Program is a program that supports and connects youth aged 14 or Year 9  (whichever comes first!) up to 18 years or end of year 12 (whichever comes last!) in a diverse range of community volunteering experiences.

The Youth Changemaker Program provides a  “pathway” or “succession plan” for young people 14 -18 years to take the skills learnt through their experiences participating in our programs as children, and then as teens applying them to meaningful volunteering opportunities in the community. All young people are welcome to join our program regardless of whether or not they have been part of our children’s programs.

The program is designed to offer young people choice, flexibility, diversity, ownership and a sense of belonging.

Choice – Youth Changemaker select from a range of volunteering opportunities. There is no compulsory participation in volunteering opportunities offered. This encourages the development of autonomy and a sense of independence in a teen’s volunteering role.

Flexibility – Youth Changemaker can arrange their volunteering around school, family and sport commitments. The range of times, locations and dates of volunteering opportunities supports this flexibility.

Diversity –Our Volunteering opportunities are offered across a range of charities and include face-to-face support for vulnerable people, fundraising support with events, and practical tasks such as social media and contribution to articles and conferences. This results in exposure to a range of societal issues and increases skills sets and opportunities for future employment.

Ownership – Our program activities will be reviewed and developed in consultation with the young people. Feedback from events as well as contribution of ideas and opportunities will ensure that the program evolves into a program facilitated and run by the participants.

Sense of belonging – Volunteering as a one-off event can be daunting and lonely, but so can being a teenager who has different values to others in their age cohort. Through engagement with this program, young people will identify an age cohort with the same altruistic values and level of developing cognitive empathy. Together this engagement in a common purpose will build social cohesion and decrease isolation, providing a mutual support network so critical for mental health and well-being.


Our program supports student participation in the Duke of Edinburgh program and other school service learning requirements. Many schools have a civic engagement component and our ’one stop shop’ offers a streamlined and highly flexible approach to engaging in volunteering.

Through our Youth Changemaker program, young people have the opportunity to engage with their community, identify areas of personal interest for future career opportunities, develop employment skills and experience a sense of empowerment by actively contributing to the community with other like-minded young people who may or may not be part of their own social circle or school community.

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