The Youth Changemaker Program connects  youth aged  14-18 (Year 9 and above) to engage in a diverse range of volunteering experiences.

The Youth Changemaker Program (YCM) provides a “pathway” or “succession plan” for young people to take the skills learnt through their experiences participating in our programs as children, to then as teens applying them to meaningful volunteering opportunities in the community. All young people are welcome to join the Youth Changmaker’s Program regardless of whether or not they have previously participated in a Kids Giving Back program.

The program is designed to offer young people choice, flexibility, diversity, ownership and new friendships.

Choice – Our YCMs can select from a range of volunteering opportunities. There is no compulsory participation in volunteering opportunities offered.

Flexibility – Volunteering can be carried out around school, family and sport commitments.

Diversity – Opportunities are offered across a range of charities.

Ownership – Our program activities will be reviewed and developed in consultation with the young people.

Friends/Sense of belonging – YCM’s get the opportunity to meet like minded teens through the volunteering opportunities and training.

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7pm, 11th August 2021

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An example of a volunteering opportunity would be to assist Kids Giving Back with our weekend Cook4Good program.

The Youth Changemaker program supports student participation in the Duke of Edinburgh program and other school service learning requirements.

Young people have the opportunity to engage with their community, identify areas of personal interest for future career opportunities, develop employment skills and experience a sense of empowerment by actively contributing to the community with other like-minded young people.

Youth Changemakers uses our simple Kids Giving Back App to sign up to the volunteering opportunity they wish to assist with. The App provides participants with ready access to the opportunities in a portable and convenient format. It also enables record keeping, providing participants’ with their own community service profile/passport. Their individual Kids Giving Back YCM passport will be an essential asset to assist for future employment opportunities and /or further education enrolments and Duke of Edinburgh volunteering component.

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The Youth Changemaker program is supported by the Kirby Foundation.