Care2Connect – Intergen – BINGO – 7 – 18yrs

An ONLINE ‘giving back’ activity to help relieve isolation for the elderly

age 7 – 18 yrs

Come join us as we help relieve social isolation for everyone! Just one hour of your time will guarantee smiles for our elderly friends currently in isolation in aged care homes.

Earlier in the year we ran programs linking groups of children and young people (maximum of 12) to a similar sized group of residents in an aged care home.

We’ve just added another session for the end of the year!

You will be guided through this lovely interaction with our wonderful Kids Giving Back online facilitator. We have 8 aged care homes we are working with. We’d love to see your pet on screen if you have one!

Session: 11:00am- 12:00pm Friday 11th December 2020

Cost: $5 minimum donation request

For more information and to book: Intergen – Bingo