Last November Kids Giving Back developed a volunteer program for Year 10 students from SCEGGS, Darlinghurst as part of their school’s Social Justice Week program. Scones for Good involves baking scones at Our Big Kitchen, Bondi, following by sharing them in a tea party with elderly residents in a home. Two SCEGGS students, Simone and Talia, found their experience so amazing they are now going back to Our Big Kitchen in Bondi to complete their community service requirement. The story of their volunteering explains why Kids Giving Back creates hands on volunteering programs that bring communities together.

Simone and Talia’s Volunteering Experience

We were introduced to Our Big Kitchen during our co-curricular week at school when we went to make scones to take to an aged care facility afterwards. It was a great teamwork activity where we got to cook with our friends and hear stories from the volunteers working at Our Big Kitchen. We all agreed that this was already a lot more fun and unique as it was a hands on activity doing something ourselves. The kitchen was well orgnaised and a great environment to be in. Another positive aspect about our experience there was that we got to see the results.

After being split up into groups we took the handmade treats to an aged care facility in Marrickville. No one was sure what to expect, especially seeing as many of us had never experienced something like this before. Once we had handed the food around, we had a chance to sit and talk to the people, each girl had a different experience and different stories afterwards. The opening to most conversations was asking how their day had been which was where we were surprised and happy with their answers, many of them saying “good now that you are here” and “I’m so happy you came”.

We talked to a man who had once been a teacher at a girls high school, and a lady who told us about her most recent outing to Bobbing Heads. She had a great sense of humor telling us how she asked the tour guy “why do they call it bobbing heads if I can’t see any bobbing heads in the harbour?”

The people were just so happy to have new faces to see and talk to and you could see the joy in their faces. We never thought that doing something like this could make people so happy. Overall it was an extremely rewarding experience and one we will never forget. It meant a lot for us to experience this as we realized how much we could give to people from ourselves, not in donations and fundraisers but on a personal level.