Our Story

Instilling generosity in our children

Founded in 2012, Kids Giving Back is a not-for-profit organisation that provides volunteering opportunities for children, teens and families across NSW.

Today, we’re a flourishing organisation – with more than 99 charity partners and a wide range of volunteering opportunities on offer. We have enabled more than 53 223 kids and their families to make a difference.

And we’re only just getting started.

Here’s the story of how we began, as well as the mission and values that guide our work.

Two compassionate mothers, one heartfelt vision

No one is ever too young to help others.

This was the guiding philosophy that inspired Carole Schlessinger and Ruth Tofler-Riesel to create Kids Giving Back.

As children, they learnt the power of giving back firsthand. And when they became mothers, they wanted to instil these same values into their own kids.

So, hand in hand with their little ones, they went looking for volunteering opportunities.

But to their surprise, they couldn’t find many – if any – activities suitable for kids.

And so, they decided to create their own.

Our reason for being

We believe there’s no substitute for volunteering. It helps young people cultivate empathy, respect, resilience and leadership skills – and connect with their wider community.

Above all, we see volunteering as a two-way street. It gives children the opportunity to change other people’s lives… and their own.

When we empower children to help others, they ultimately gain as much as they give. Sometimes even more.

That’s why we do what we do at Kids Giving Back.

The next generation of generosity

We’re committed to instilling the value of service in the next generation.

And we want to help develop ongoing relationships between children and the broader community.

We believe that through engaging kids and teens in volunteering, we’re creating a society that brims with generosity and responsibility for generations to come.

A TRIPLE IMPACT which benefits children who volunteer, vulnerable people and the community as a whole.