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Youth Changemakers

Paving a pathway for lifelong volunteering

We believe it’s important for children to acquire a volunteering spirit from a young age. But more than that, we want to help them carry it through to their teenage and adult years.

That’s why we created our Youth Changemakers Program.

Designed for teens aged 14 to 18, Youth Changemakers exists to help you, help others. In your own time. And your own way.

Why become a Youth Changemaker?

Funded by the Kirby Foundation, our Youth Changemakers Program will connect you to a diverse range of volunteering opportunities.

Through this program, you’ll get to:

  • Give back by engaging with and actively contributing to the community
  • Get important job skills and identify areas of interest for future career opportunities
  • Have a say in what, where and when you want to volunteer
  • Build friendships with people who share your values and interests

How it works

Youth Changemakers offers a range of volunteering opportunities – such as assisting us with our weekend Cook4Good programs or helping our charity partners out with day-to-day activities and events.

Interested? Here’s how to get started:

  1. FORMS – Download & complete our Parental Consent Form and carefully read our Code Of Conduct/Policy agreement. For Duke Of Ed participants please also download the Duke of Ed Assessor Form and complete pg 7 as per example. Complete the form, save in PDF format & upload at the time of creating your volunteering profile in the app.
  2. Register – Sign Up using the this link:
  3. Verify Email sent from Helper Helper

    Helper Helper App Registration page
  4. Download app “Helper Helper” from your app store (registration MUST be completed via link in Step 2, BEFORE downloading the app, as this is a unique link to Kids Giving Back).
  5. Enter verified email and request temporary password
  6. Login & complete your volunteer profile & upload the necessary forms

    Helper Helper Mobile App
  7. Duke Of Ed participants, please select your certificate (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and upload your COMPLETED Page 7 of your assessor form as shown here in PDF format only,
    Need help filling out the Duke of Ed Assessor Form?
    Download example here

Accessing Opportunities

Upon completing registration & volunteer profile you will be welcomed by our Youth Changemaker Team within a few days and have access to our current volunteering opportunities!

If you experience any issues, please contact

The Youth Changemaker program is supported by the Kirby Foundation.

Want to start giving back?